Sunday, 23 February 2014

Br. Nicholas

Ha!ha!ha! I am not laughing because I am on my way to the bank, I am laughing because some people make every moment look like a celebration. Such is Br. Nicholas. I haven’t seen him for quite a while but I am sure when we meet, he will still crack his hilarious jokes. When I saw him for the first time I said to him, “Thank God you have joined us, now I am not the shortest fellow in this order!” He broke into laughter and in between his laughter, I picked some words which I of course don’t remember. But then he said, “I am not laughing because of what you have said,” then he continued, “ninacheka juu ya stori moja nimekumbuka. Kuna kuku mmoja alitoka kijijini, alitembea mjini. Basi likawa linapita hapo karibu na Kenchic. Yule kuku aliona kuku huko Kenchic kwenye kioo. Kumbe aliona wale kuku wa mjini hawana adabu, walikuwa uchi na wanafanya somasot kwenye kioo!” Now I know why he is always laughing and smiling, I guess he tells himself stories in the head! I would love to get into his head. How moody this religious life can be without such comical brothers in this Order.    

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