Sunday, 1 February 2015

Br. Steve (OmeraNdogo)

Isn’t it true that things don’t exist unless there are questions about them? It is in 2010 when a young boy asked me whether small boys could be accepted as brothers. At first I thought he was talking about himself. I asked him if he wanted to become a brother and he cheekily said, “No, am asking because of that boy” pointing at Br. Steve. It was at that time it occurred to me for the first time that surely Steve looks boyishly young. With that question, as if suddenly, Steve started “existing” in my world.
He belongs to this generation of instant stuff; instant food, instant knowledge, instant friends and I guess even instant brother. Just the other day Bro. Evans was explaining to us how they fatten oxen in some central part of Kenya. Well, he said that they relieve the bull some of its vital force and it grows instantly. At that time we started wondering, ‘could we possibly do that to those tall dwarfs like me who don’t seem to respond to the grace of height.’ Steve commented to that saying, “hiyo ndio tunaita instant thinking” as he burst into hearty laugh prompting the whole table to burst into laughter. Now I understand why it is so possible for him to stick to almost, if not all, social networks – you need instant thinking to instantly respond to messages on whatsapp, facebook, twoo, tweeter and so forth, all at a go!

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  1. Wau! “Boyishly young!” I certainly do not know Br. Steve but I have heard dozens of lay persons commenting that priests, religious men and women often appear a lot younger than their biological years. True or not, I am not sure! But I like to think that if they indeed appear young, this is part of the hundredfold blessing that Jesus promises in the gospels. Mt 19:29 – “Anyone who has left houses, brothers, sisters, father, mother, children or land for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times as much and also inherit the kingdom.” It’s no big wonder then that the little boy described above finds it easy to get along with Br. Steve because he identifies with his youthfulness. I bet it will also be easy for older folks to approach Br. Steve for spiritual/pastoral care when he becomes a priest because by virtue of priesthood, they will see in him a ‘shepherd of the flock’. Isn’t this the hundredfold blessing? Br. Steve can make God’s presence felt among the young and old alike!
    Live long Br. Steve! Be a blessing to all!
    I am left asking, “Have I taken or am I taking back that which I already left behind? Because if that is the case, then there will be no room for the hundredfold blessing.