Monday, 10 August 2015

Br. Samuel

I am watching a bespectacled fellow wipe the tables, set the cutlery at the table, refill the water jars and so forth. I also remember that yesterday I saw him put on the gumboots as the hoe lay there waiting to be placed on the shoulder ready to break, turn and twist the soil. I am excited and at the same time perplexed. Excited because we still have genuine vocations sprouting. Perplexed that such a young and promising man could still find a reason to humble himself much as to dust his spectacles as he tilled the sand. I am inspired by this man who has been with us barely a week. Luckily he is inspired by “himself” because he tells me that he delayed to get here, 
“nimechelewa kujiunga, hii ndio maisha niliyotamani sana.” he said as he displayed his entire dental formula. I hope and pray he understands what he is saying because I too at one point deceived myself I understood, now I don’t think I understand anymore.  

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