Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Br. Maloba

If you want to make a hilarious story about any community here in Kenya, there is always a mythical story to tell. For instance I have heard that if someone collapsed in my tribe, the best way to resuscitate him is to call his name and say to him, “hey, Njoro yule mzee alikuwa na deni yako ndiye huyu amekuletea”, surely the fellow will wake up energetically. Now brother Charles comes from a community whose hilarious stories have to do with stomach matters. A community in which two fully grown-up folks can stand and have a serious conversation about ugali. Trust me, I have been with him and I know of few people who could equal his train of truly progressive thoughts. He is always speaking in a joking manner yet he raises issues that build communities and particularly my current religious community. I once tried to make a contribution in his conversation and he listened to me. He comically commented, “ndugu una mawazo mazuri. Mawazo kama hayo ni mazuri, inatakiwa yakafundishwe wapostulanti!” and his conclusion was that the advanced ones would not find my thinking quite sensible, I think I also did not find it sensible. I walked away pretty glad that a man of his calibre listened to my deficient thinking.

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