Sunday, 6 May 2018

Br. Moko

Sometimes I wonder how young men who do not even have a single hair below their nose come to acquire so much wisdom, at their age. I know of only one master and his tricks on the minds of elders at the temple when he was only a teen (Lk 2:41-52), but he was the son of God so he knew a great deal of this universe because they built it with his father! Let me put this way: A man dressed in jeans and clad in an Arsenal FC jersey is not a perfect image of wisdom, right? They are supposed to be hanging themselves after their team has lost. At least that is how I know sports fanatics, empty heads, until you think of Jude Moko. Ka-game is his style, even his former buddies at the minor seminary thought so of him.
          A while back, I thought I knew it all, or at least I knew more than Jude. I would talk to him instead of sharing with him. After all, that is how juniors should be treated, rather less important! One morning as I was talking TO him, and giving commands to him to follow me, he did. Right at my heel, I knew an empty headed young man was in need of me. It was a great feeling to be superior or to feel superior. Like any proud and stress-free mind does, I whistled with pride as I led him to wherever we were going. Jude must have been listening to my whistling for quite a while before he said. “Najua hiyo whistling yako sio wimbo, unajua nyimbo nyingi watu huwa wanawhistle hazikuagi nyimbo kwa kawaida, nikujiskia vizuri tu.” And it was true, there was no song, I was just dancing in pride of being needed! Why would God allow such a young fellow to sound so wise? As I grapple with that, I remember a psalm that I had read of another young man who had become wiser than his elders (Ps 119:100). A few more times when we were working together, I learnt that his understanding of things comes pretty easy and yet he is never boastful of it.

I have really aged in foolishness!

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