Sunday, 26 January 2014

Br. Leonard

I have met brothers, but honestly, very few are as much comfortable with their personality as Br. Leonard. When he finished his final exam at Tangaza, like many other deacons, I and many others expected him to disappear a short while later. However, one week later, Leonard is seated next to me on the bus heading to Tangaza. I am equally surprised because bespectacled and tummied deacons like him just cannot imagine themselves any other thing than priests! I ask him - of course I ask with utmost disinterestedness, incase it provokes him - why he is still attending lecutures.  His response is quite unexpected, “I like it this way, maisha yangu ni tofauti kabisa na ya wengine. Kwanza hivyo ndivyo ninavyoitaka.” Afew days later, in regards to his priestly ordination, he says “haraka ya nini, haya mambo ni polepole” and I add to that, “eh, ni mosmos tu!” as I walk away smilingly knowing that that is a lesson learnt. 'haraka haraka haina baraka' so we say.     

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  1. I love this post, especially when it talks about myself while am still alive