Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bsp Paul Darmanin

            I have heard, I have seen and read and above all I have always known that He was consecrated Bishop of Garissa a few years before I was born. Tanaa calls him “Askof wa bisquiti”. Here I am seated right next to him as I type this very text. I sit here because in spite of so much authority vested on him, a certain profound easiness in his presence is. I sit here because I am sure he is not going to intimidate me by virtue of age and power.   I sit here because his presence is evident that life is possible anywhere including the volatile Garissa. I sit here because he shows trust to people around him. He says less –which is good for my typing. However, the fewer words he utters linger. I remember some ‘magical’ words he uttered after I murmured a prayer after a meal with him. “I didn’t hear what you said apart from that ‘your bounty’. Well, we believe you and whatever you have said must be fine with us and God” and then he smiled and I laughed.

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