Saturday, 2 August 2014

Br. Bonaventure

The first time we met at the Mater Hospital, I looked at him and thought to myself, ‘surely no wound that time does not heal’. He walks with his fist half-clenched, and his handshake is firm, probably because it is half clenched. Nonetheless, there is no sign of resentment or hurt, despite the fact that he almost lost his fingers while working with a power-saw in the noviciate. A few months later, I asked him about the permanent mark resulting from the accident which left his fingers disfigured and he said, “haki hiki kidondo kilikawia kupona, hadi nilidhani niko na ukimwi, lakini sasa kimepona hata nimekisahau.” What an interesting comment about such an adversity! Well, every joke cracked by a sick person about his sickness should be funny, right? Indeed his is an outlook greatly far removed from any complaint that often ensue bad luck.
Now he is going out to milk what he refers to as “digital cows milked by a digital brother!”  

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