Saturday, 23 August 2014

Br. Charo

People say time flies, but at times I think time rockets. Such is the case with the time between when I first saw Charles and now. A lot of things have changed, now he is a theology student. I met him when he was still a kind of a herdsboy. If not a herdsboy, then probably a livestock trader’s right hand boy. He was carrying a small he goat and he was selling it to a missionary priest.  For reasons am yet to know, he lengthily explained to me that what he was carrying was a he-goat and he-goats don’t give birth, therefore that particular goat would not give birth. He said this goat this, this goat that – he technically explained everything. 
I thought I knew he-goats don’t give birth to kids, they give something else to she-goats! It is with such intimidating confidence and certitude of a mwalimu that he says and does his things. Just the other day he was listening as I and Br. Joshua discussed some movie that I had watched and he said “ah, ndio maana mnapenda movies, zote huwa zinaisha jinsi mnavyotaka ziishe” and it is true but I had not thought about it from that angle. A movie is only captivating if the “star” doesn’t lose!

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