Saturday, 30 August 2014

Br. Christopher

Five years ago when I saw Bro. Christopher for the first time, I felt like I was leading a slow motion life. It is normal to be fascinated by things you can hardly do or possess. His movements enthralled me. Let me compare myself with him for instance. If I was to prepare a cup of tea, with my lazy movement, I would go to where cups, spoons and teabag are and carry them to the water dispenser at once. It is such a boring thing to watch me do it! For Christopher expect him to make a haste move to the dispenser first to confirm that it has water, rush to the other side of the room to check whether teabags are there, pick a cup, mid-way the room he will remember he needed to call a friend, make a call. After the call, take the cup to the dispenser and leave it there. Make a quick movement to the other side of the room, collect a spoon, take it to the dispenser go back get a teabag bring it to the cup. Fill the cup with water and prepare his tea, just when he is about to start taking it, his mlikamwizi will ring again and he will speak for a while. By the time he finishes talking on the phone, the tea is cold and he will repeat the whole process of making tea again with the same lively movements to and fro across the room. He will not sit because he is a man on the move! Last year, to be precise on 29th July, being a cold day, we remained inside, he came over to where we sat and incited a debate on travel and Bro Calistus assuming he could equal Christopher’s travels said, “juzi tu nilikuwa Uganda, the other time, nilienda Arusha……” Bro. Christopher cuts him short saying “Shirika linakusaidia sana, hungeenda huko kote, but ni vizuri, you are following my footsteps, hauko mbali na ufalme!!!” the laughter ensues. Travelling is in his blood much as it is in his name ‘Christopher’ the patron saint of all travellers.

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