Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bsp Francis

The great Francis
Bishop Francis Baldacchina had his own greatness as a
brother (some say that he was a great sister too because he was once the headmistress of Lamu girls!). I met Bishop Francis a couple of times, but the most vivid one is the time when I was in Hola parish in 2009. Apparently, he was stuck somewhere along Malindi -Garissa highway, so we went to pull him out. That afternoon, he sat with us at table and little did I know that he was not only going to endure the sandy roads ordeal but also the awkward feeling of watching us as we cleared the delicacies served, yet for him, due to his health condition, could touch none. Fr. Joe used to say that Francis was remote controlled because his heart was being monitored from Malta. The bishop was explicitly serene with his condition. All along, the Bishop remained calm and jovial even as he munched his dry slice of bread!!!!
“Why complain always?” those must have been the words in his head. Even if he never said them, at least that is what his behaviour seemed to say to me.
May his soul rest in peace

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