Monday, 26 August 2013

Br. Arnold

Br. Arnold comes to me very much as my equal yet - humbly put - unequal to me. He has his own simplicity that sticks out crystal clear, possibly embarrassing for a blind person not to see it. I met him soon after my year of Noviciate and after my year of pastoral experience in Hola. He had just finished his Masters degree in philosophy while I was preparing to join St. Bonaventure College for philosophy. Doubtlessly, he knew so much about what I was due to undertake at the college. All the while, he opted to listen to my scattered and illogical arguments time and again. During such encounters, he coined a funny and a sort of preparatory phrase for us who were about to embark upon the philosophical journey. Only later would I come to realize how well thought, yet simple it was; “Hatutaki hiyo dini ya akina Njoroge”. Apparently, Br. Njoroge was taking philosophy and he often engaged Br. Arnold frequently in philosophical arguments. We used to laugh about it that dini ya akina njoroge is not good consists mostly of such philosophers as Nietzsche. It was Arnold’s way of telling us that we are, above all, simple religious irrespective of our great achievements in academics and particularly philosophy which is his area. Being as being!!!!! Yes, he understands, I don’t!

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