Sunday, 18 August 2013

Br. Moses

Br. Moses (Yule wa choma!)

Br Moses
                    Every time I look at Moses, I can’t help laughing. Well, not that he is laughable, but because it is like he has a story generating hormone in his head. This is a brother who will unroll a rib breaking anecdote in the middle of such a terribly tense situation. Back in 2007, while still in Mpeketoni, the formatter called for a meeting and without much say, read Gen 9:20-27 “….. and Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father”. They were such perturbing words because after that, the meeting was over and all of us went to the field. We knew it was not just another scripture reading, why would we have needed a scripture passage as if we had not read one during mass that morning? In the field, due to the tension incited by the attitude in which the formatter read the passage, we were all quiet. However, the silence in the field lasted only for awhile. There was Moses, inventing jokes and stories while everyone else busied themselves with hoes and weeds. Within a few minutes, the place was of full of life and the hovering tension was long gone, thanks to the endlessly hilarious stories by Br. Moses. Ask Br. Moses a story you know yourself, he knows it too and if he narrates to you the same story, it will be hilarious to you as if it is new. In short, he has his own way of telling people stories that relevant to their situations!!!

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