Sunday, 22 September 2013

Br. Callist

At times I wonder how people get to do so much with seemingly less strain. Callist is one of them. I met him for the first time when he was making his final profession in Nairobi. Unlike the rest of the brothers in the same profession, he seemed so energetic despite the fact that they had all traveled from Tanzania and ran up and about for the day. As I trimmed his hair in preparation for the D-day, I expected him to doze off as many do. It happens always, the shaving machine soothes and often people doze off especially if they are tired, he did not.
                    It never occurred to me that traveling was a hobby to him. I have seen him travel from Mpeketoni to Nairobi to Kisii and back, non-stop – he even did the driving at one point. Traveling is seemingly a beautiful thing he takes pride in. Some months ago, he was talking to the one itinerary Br. Chris who was trying to challenge his him as a novice in regards to traveling. According to Chris, brothers hardly travel to new places unless the Order initiates, “lazima wengi wenu mtegemee shirika” to which Callist responds, “Travelling depends on ones interest. Mimi nilienda kwa Nyerere na Juzi tu nilikuwa Uganda, on my own”. Now I know why he seemed so full of life when I met him for the first, even after so long a journey from Kasita, it was just but a hobby. Indeed a brother full of life and energy.

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