Sunday, 1 September 2013

Br. Maranga

I am always amazed at his calmness. You see, Joseph has been my formattor (of course not in circular letters) for a very long time. He became one soon after his noviciate year while I was doing my postulancy year. We met again in Lusaka where he was the vice president of the students. It is obvious that he was a vice president of very verbally belligerent brothers – The philosophers and logicians who can hardly be convinced that what they see is what there is!
                    One time, the student brothers had an issue with our cooks at Laverna. It is a problem that frequently arose and it was mandated to Joseph and the president to call for a students’ meeting. During the meeting, brothers being experts of arguing tore and twisted tongues; they talked languages global and local, formal and informal all in the name of making this point clear. All the while, Joseph never interrupted as they expressed themselves. He took the most necessary point, repeated by almost all the brothers and waited for the most apt time to conclude, “We have talked and we have heard that this is not good and it should not happen again.” It was period and the meeting was over! I stayed there for two more years after that and never again did I happen.

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