Sunday, 22 September 2013

Br. Steve (O)

Steve is simply a good man ‘but’ I tend to think he is too good. When I joined the order, he was at St. Padre Pio friary, Lang’ata and that first encounter is indelibly highlighted at the back of my mind as a one brotherly encounter. His was a very long stay at the friary. In fact, he remained there until some months before I came to stay in the house for Theology. What is he, if not a veteran in the house? I believe even the mosquitoes must had grown tired of his blood by the time he left the house.
                    I wonder if any single thing is really of concern to him. Our fears don’t seem to be his fears. In other words, fear doesn’t seem to exist in his world. Usually, we tend to be protective of people, things or even places - for our security's sake which is at times paranoid - not Steve. He has mentioned fear in my presence and as such awaken me in a way. One time, we were preparing for a house picnic and I was, just like everybody else, upbeat about it. As we waited for some other brothers to join us, someone started chanting and to keep with the mood, I took the drum and accompanied to chant. I didn’t do it for long. Steve looked at me and asked “Why did you stop” and then he continued “Richard shida yako wewe ni muoga sana. Unajua kitu lakini unaogopa watu, unaacha kufanya. PIGA NGOMA!” It was so easy a thing for him to say, yet so penetratingly put.

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