Sunday, 1 September 2013

Br. Ken

I hear now they call him the philosopher here in Kenya- Ken the philosopher! I think it is because he is the first Kenyan capuchin brother to teach philosophy at St. Bonaventure. Back then when I met him for the first time he was not a teacher of philosophy, he was a newly ordained deacon in Mpeketoni. 
One day, we, the aspirants at Umoja, had a discussion with the formator. During that talk, the Formator - seemingly angered by one of us - made it clear to us that we should not be in a hurry to reckon ourselves as brothers, “you are aspirants and you should remember that”. A few days later, I and Ken went to Wema Parish. We visited the sisters and as usual, there had to be some introductions. So, Ken did the introduction. He referred to me as a Bro. This was somehow new to me and it took me by surprise. It was contrary to what the formator had made me believe I am, nothing more but an aspirant! I thought to myself that Ken had gotten it wrong and so I completed the introduction for him “I am an aspirant” and Ken smilingly looked at me. Later, when he became the parish priest in Mpeketoni, I realized that he meant what he had said back at wema. "He is our brother at umoja", is how he had introduced me to the sisters at Wema. Ken didn't see any point in insisting that one is an aspirant. That is how Ken made us believe,  brothers!

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