Monday, 30 September 2013

Br. Steve (N)

I always find it a wonderful thing to deal with people who are certain of what they want. Ever since I met Steve, I have always seen him as such. I am sure I can safely hide behind him because he is amusingly assertive, which I unfortunately lack. I remember a time we traveled to Kisumu for the burial of Br.Jabedo’s mother. We left Nairobi at four in the morning, took a very light breakfast at six in Nakuru and that was it, the meal for the rest of the day. We were quite a number of us in that car and all of us kept grumbling without openly telling the guardian we needed some food. How could he make us go for a whole twelve hours hungry, yet it was not Lenten season? Had it not been for Steve ever jokingly assertive character, I and all of us in the car would have changed nothing with our grumblings. Of course, we didn’t get a very good meal – it was ugali and Pilsner – but it is better than none at all.

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