Sunday, 6 October 2013

Br. Moses

Sasa najidanganya! It is obvious because, time has elapsed and over the years I could say I have been entertaining a kind of a
delusive thought that I am equal to Br. Moses. Way back in 2005, I wrote a letter to a ‘to who it may concern’, to a nobody, to ‘I don’t care who you are’ and to a ‘whoever you think you are’. To my surprise, it happened that someone, out of humility accepted to be addressed as Such. There he was, inviting me to meet him and enjoy his hospitality, to come and see. That ‘someone’ was Br. Moses. In that letter, I had stated that I wanted to become a priest. This is exactly the reason why I and Moses can never be equal although it is written in our constitution that we should all be equal. When I arrived at the Holy family basilica, Moses was there waiting for me and he introduced himself as Brother Moses – remember I want to become a priest not a brother, “what for do I need a brother?” I thought to myself. He drove me to St. Brigdet center. Everybody else I met there was a brother – no priest and I thought this Moses had tricked me their brotherhood thing! During the group introduction, Br. Moses introduces himself as an ordained priest “but we are all equal brothers here” he said – I had gotten it all wrong.
 I will tell you why now we are not equal! I met Br. Moses five years in his priesthood. He had been a priest long before I ever dreamt of becoming one. He has been in the priesthood such that he doesn’t need a PA to tell the whole world he is one. Much as he keeps saying that we are all equal here, how can I become equal to him who received me to this way of life? Besides, what he is great for – humility – is far beyond my reach!  

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