Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fr. Karau

 This is one brother with unequaled openness to possibilities tinged with humour. One can be a doctor, policeman, a cobbler or even run a mamantilie kiosk. In short, what he seems to say is that person is full of possibilities. One can be a religious or join the diocese or lead a married life. I agree with him because I have even heard men who became women. I don’t have a clear memory of any chat with Daniel that ended without his hilarious conclusions. In fact, one that ought to have been solemn ended with cheering -  because Manchester was playing. 
Irrespective of how  grave seriousness is demanded, to Daniel, all should be addresses with comical easiness. This year, he being the guardian at Padre Pio, made an announcement to those who were preparing to renew their vows. It is an announcement that I have often seen being made with utmost seriousness. Amusingly, he said, “brothers, you are expected to write your applications for the renewal of your vows………but if you don’t want to renew, it is okay. Sio lazima uendelee kama hutaki maisha haya. Unaweza enda ukafanya kitu kingine” and everybody in the room laughed, and he joined in the laughter!   

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