Sunday, 27 October 2013

Br. Kamrata

“Yahweh, Yahweh, God ………………., slow to anger….” So says the book of exodus 34:6. I understand now, so God is like Kamrata? He is slow to anger? I have lived with kamrata for a while and believe me you, he would like to be angry, but wishing is one thing and being is another thing. One thing is for sure, Kamrata never gets angry, and he can only imagine himself getting angry. I know how angry people look like, I know what angry people do, I know how angry people think and he is not even a mile close to that! 
One time, after coming from Garissa and seeing the damage that had been done to some restaurants in Garissa, he says, “These people should thank God I am in this life – religious life. I would have bought the best war tank like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger and wipe out all those who did the damage, boom! boom! boom!”. This is what we call wishful thinking, Haha!. Whereas I have met many people who wished they were not as such scoundrel as they are, Kamrata wishes he was not as good as he is! Happy man!

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