Sunday, 13 October 2013

Br. Robert

It is in the afternoon and Br. Robert and I are seated up in the main hall at Tangaza. The room is packed to the fullest but we have the best view to the stage. People are wildly dancing, with excitement, as Jua Kali (jua kali is a popular Kenyan musician) entertains the audience. It is my first time with Roba and it is so exhilarating and great a moment. He is surprised that I don’t seem excited though, and he asks me “wewe si ni kijana? Jiunge na vijana wa umri wako. Hizi ndo nyimbo zenu. Nenda ukadance na wenzako”. That was so funny to me and I couldn’t help laughing. It was his plan that I get entertained. That is how it works with him. Knowing what people want and giving them exactly that. In that way, everybody is entertained and happy with him around!

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