Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Br. Mugo

            On the 3rd of August 2013, I sat facing the entrance to our chapel at Padre Pio Friary. I watched as people walk out of the chapel after witnessing the final commitment of Mugo, charles, Omwami and Chege. To many brothers, it was just another profession. To me, it was a different profession because there was Mugo, he who always gives hope and encourages. I watched with admiration. Mugo is one person I have come to think of as a brother whom with reciprocation know and understand, even if it is in silence. From day one, when Br. Osoro handed us over to Umoja house, Mugo acted a guardian to me. You see, I have my own way of getting myself into trouble; he always seems ready to bail me out. His final profession was simply not just another profession. It reminded me of many times with him and particularly a day at umoja he gave me a kind of talisman. I vividly recall that day. It was just another working day and Mugo and I were assigned to work by the volleyball pitch. There used to be an ever-resurrecting small tree there. Mugo looked at it and said, “haka kamti huwa kanakufa mara moja kwa mwaka, ukiona kamenyauka next time, ujue sasa wewe umemamilaza upostustanti.”  True to it, the next time the small tree shed its leaves was the time for me to leave umoja for Kasita.

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