Monday, 18 November 2013

Br. Fahari

We call him BB, second B is for Boy, but as for the first B, you can put whatever you wish. This is one brother I call crazycrazy! 

Not crazy in the sense of “grhhhhh mad”, but crazy in a pleasant sense, comical crazy. The last time I heard Pope Francis say something to the youths I thought about Fahari, it was about saints. He said “…We need saints among youths… we need youths who wear jeans and still be saints…” Now, I guess the pope must have known Fahari in person. I am yet to see him in anything else other than jeans. I remember Fahari telling me, “mimi nguo zangu ni hizi za kihunihuni, sina zingine.” Well, that does not contradict the pope’s thinking, does it?

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