Sunday, 24 November 2013

Br. Mutuse J.

            ‘The Spaniard Mkamba,’ that is what he told Fr. Louis. To the kids, he is simply all that every child would wish in an uncle.   
He says, “I am there and I am not there! You see, I really don’t know what is happening to me, I think I am getting old. I don’t get to know what is happening around. I have been here for almost three months now, I have been sitting right next to this freezer, yet I don’t even know what it contains. I don’t even know what those colourful torches are doing there. Since I came they have been right there – moja ya blue na moja ya red. Na sitaki kujua zinafanya nini hapo. Sitaki kujihusisha na mambo yasiyonihusu!”. Now, this is hilarious if not strange. In this house, it has been just the two of us, yet he doesn’t know what is obvious. That in that freezer, is where we keep nyama ya dikdik, samaki kutoka Tana. In short, our food na Githeri ya masister. Now I agree with him, he is there and he is not there in a great way!

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