Sunday, 3 November 2013

Br. Paul

“Mapema ya Mjinga ni mahali ameamkia!” That is what Paul says. So if a fool wakes up at midday, it is okay, it is still too early. If a fool realizes at his fifties that all through his life he has been chasing the wind, that is okay, it is still too early for him – of course we all know that that is pretty late, don’t we? Br. Paul speaks with a lot of emphasis and profound objectivity. It has been practically eight years since we met at St. Bridget centre. At the beginning he was just another cool 

common folk to me. As time went by, that changed. I realized that he and I were not reading from the same script. While I looked at a pin and simply saw and clutched at idea 'pin', he saw something bigger, probably a nail or something. It took me a while to acknowledge that given the same experiences with Paul, my understanding and interpretation was often if not always, lacking. It took me so long to spot my ujinganess (foolishness). Although it is late, now I am aware that I have to count on him to clearly tell me what I am seeing – and I am safe and happy like that. What more could you possibly ask of a brother?

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