Sunday, 3 November 2013

Br. Monima

            A person should not and cannot be defined by his origin and past! I have known Monima for a while now. I have also known “the Barracks” - Hola Boys. There is not even the slightest trace of the gloomy face of “the Barracks” in Monima, yet that is where he schooled. He is a brother who happens to give a kind of exact the opposite of that face. One fascinating thing with him is his ability to articulate his power of reason at an amazing ease and even at times funnily.  
 While travelling with him once, since I have a taste for troubles - if I don’t get myself into one, one will get itself into me – I encountered one in form of an immigration officer. The officer kept talking and magnifying the issue. I was even convinced that I was indeed on the wrong. Fortunately, Monima intervened because he realised I was helpless, “Excuse me, please, try to understand, this man does not know how to travel, he has never travelled, this is his first time he has travelled, please forgive him and when he goes back he will correct that”. The office was that easily convinced. I ended up with a mixture of laughter and anger; Angry, because Monima portrayed me as one alien idiot. Laughter because the officer had been so easily fooled!
When the officer was gone Monima hilariously said, “shida imeisha, hao ni hongo walitaka”! 

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